This project involved using a lot of everyday language, but also learning quite a few new words relating to nutrition. Words like micro-nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fat as well as vocabulary which is useful in the kitchen itself. The groups translated nutritional advice given by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and then planned a healthy meal for lunch in small groups.


They had to take into consideration the group members’ religion and allergies when they decided what to cook.

Last week both groups spent time in the HO-kitchen where these meals were cooked and consumed. What was the language in the kitchen and around the table? ENGLISH of course! We had a great time together in the kitchen even though we sometimes had to think twice about which words to use.

“What is a dørslag in English again?” “Would you mind passing me the pot…eh no the pan, please?”

How was the food? DELICIOUS! Would we do this again? Oh, yes indeed! Yummy!